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The pain of manual processing, phone calls, endless paper trails, and lack of visibility into shipment status is leaving many supply chain participants starving for process and technology improvements to manage their bottom line and grow their business.

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How we can help

1SHIFT enables an ecosystem of shippers, 3PLs, carriers, and drivers to contract loads, track shipments in real-time, proactively manage jeopardies for on-time deliveries, and expedite payments improving end-to-end efficiency.


Gain full visibility into pricing, real-time location of shipments and proactive communications on potential delays

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Win more business, gain full visibility of all your loads, and manage more volume by focusing on shipments in jeopardy.

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Power your business with the 1SHIFT platform with reduced paperwork, streamlined operations, and real-time visibility.

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Make life on the road simpler with the easy to use 1SHIFT mobile app to reduce status calls, paperwork and unpaid wait times.

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Smart Alerts

  • Use geofencing perimeters around each facility to detect arrivals and departures for automatic entries in the audit log
  • Prompt driver for updates as geofencing detects proximity to facility
  • Log events for each facility based on geofencing even if the driver forgets to provide updates for consistent tracking
  • Leverage GPS location of either the smartphone or ELD to trigger the geofencing events

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Transparency & Visibility

  • Know where your shipment is at all times with granular plotting of GPS coordinates that are highly frequent and accurate
  • Avoid circular series of phone calls for status from shipper to carrier to driver and back
  • Focus on the loads in jeopardy of missing their scheduled appointment times through system generated ETAs or direct updates from the driver
  • Engage the shipper and carrier dispatch real-time through the 1SHIFT platform to resolve issues as they are identified to keep the driver on track
  • Understand the GPS location from the driver’s smartphone and/or ELD installed in the truck
  • Have confidence the timestamps and GPS locations for arrival and departures at each facility are captured real-time in our blockchain audit log which cannot be altered
  • Agree on any additional fees for disputes of late arrivals or detention periods within 1SHIFT as incidents arise with everyone referencing the same facts in the audit log

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Say Goodbye to the Paperwork

  • Avoid the confusion and delays of working with paper or having to track down documents sent through email
  • Attach BOLs, delivery confirmations, customs documentation, expense receipts, and PODs directly in 1SHIFT for everyone to reference
  • Upload PODs captured by the driver’s smartphone at every drop to avoid delays waiting to scan them at a truck stop, courier home, or return to the office with paper copies
  • Avoid delays invoicing for completed work by receiving the PODs electronically from the driver in real-time

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Making Life on the Road Simpler

  • Delight in the simplicity of the 1SHIFT mobile app and focus on driver usability
  • Be in complete control of privacy with the “On and Off Duty” switch which controls when smartphone GPS location is shared
  • Receive initial shipment details and any updates via smartphone in one clear and concise way
  • Upload PODs after drop to avoid waiting to scan documents or delay payment
  • Reduce status calls for loads on track and proactively address those running late
  • Reduce wait times by creating more focus on performance by tracking time at facilities
  • Trust arrival and departure times with GPS locations are store in audit log as evidence for disputes
  • Get paid faster with integrated pre-approvals and POD triggers to factoring companies for same and next day payments (coming soon)
  • Start accumulating loyalty points for every mile successfully tracked through 1SHIFT

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Easy to use platform

North American supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and fragmented, and current business processes and systems are not able to keep up with this change.

1SHIFT is the connective tissue that brings together shippers, carriers, and drivers to streamline location tracking and key delivery interactions regardless of what technology they invested in.

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