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1Shift fuses blockchain and A.I. technology to provide logistic companies with unique competitive advantages. Smart decision-making enables businesses to make better tactical decisions that save time and money.

Biometric Fingerprint Technology

1Shift uses fingerprint technology with advanced algorithms to increase degrees of security, improve the user experience, and allow for one-touch KYC verification.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

1Shift uses cognitive search and NLP AI algorithms to simulate human thought, analyze, predict and optimize the way all parties in the supply chain interact.

Blockchain Technology

1Shift’s verified rating system uses blockchain technology for immutability, trust, and payment traceability.

Realtime Tracking & Notifications

Integrating global positioning systems allows 1Shift to accurately detect longitude, latitude, ground speed and the direction in which trucks are heading.


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Who We Are

Driven. Relentless. Honest.
  • At 1Shift we marry the best industry logistics experts in the world with emerging proven technologies.
  • We focus on usability and experience – practical use that comes intuitively.
  • A relentless customer driven organization that recognized the need to combine tech experts with experienced logistics professionals to solve real-world problems.
  • 1Shift is committed to our corporate social responsibility investment strategy by ensuring all funds invested result in a social impact return.
  • We are a group of individuals who have worked in enterprise and large-scale solutions.
  • Developing enterprise-ready solutions utilizing blockchain AI tech, logistics, payment solutions, biometric identity, and billing systems to make the markets more efficient.

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