Freight Intelligence Management System

We solve freight planning inefficiencies & visibility gaps throughout the first, mid and last mile with 1SHIFT. Most software gives you visibility.
We give you actionable intelligence to do something about it.

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The Product

1SHIFT Enables


Win more business, gain full visibility of all your loads, and manage more volume.


Gain full visibility into pricing, real-time location of shipments.


Power your business with the 1SHIFT platform with reduced paperwork.


Make life on the road simpler with the easy to use 1SHIFT mobile app.

Today's Logistics Challenges

  • Where's my freight in real-time.
  • How to resolve in-flight shipment issues seamlessly.
  • Bulletproof audit for detention, late, insurance claims at the tip of your fingers.
  • Top down drill down to pin-point inefficiencies with your freight management processes that can be actionable.

Key Features & Benefits of Our Solution

Transparent tracking

track real-time status of all your shipments including their GPS locations on filterable maps.

Platform management

take corrective action of real-time exceptions raised by drivers, dispatch, or 1SHIFT ETA predictions.

Sensor aggregator

collect sensor data to trigger alerts when outside an acceptable range and be insurance report ready.

Tracking updates

send automatic event-based updates to customers via email or SMS showing shipment on map and ETA.

Route optimization

determine the most efficient truck route for sequencing pick and drop locations for short hauls.

Unified view

use the 1SHIFT user-friendly interface to see a holistic view with drill-downs in each shipment.

Bulletproof trail

rely on our blockchain technology to easily view a shipment log with immutable proof in case of disputes.

1SHIFT dashboard

obtain at-a-glance insights on how 1SHIFT is helping you achieve your logistics objectives.

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