About 1Shift Logistics

1SHIFT LOGISTICS is an end-to-end logistics management solution that enables real-time transparency & tracking as well as peer-feedback and regulation. Users can make tactical and strategic decisions based on accurate, real-time data to stay ahead of the competition.

1SHIFT LOGISTICS improves resource allocation and efficiency through planning tools and historical analytics, directly improving profitability. The 1SHIFT model was designed to support the mom & pop shops as well as the largest logistics companies in the world with ease.

Who We Are

Driven. Relentless. Honest.
  • At 1SHIFT we marry the best industry logistics experts in the world with emerging proven technologies.
  • We focus on usability and experience – practical use that comes intuitively.
  • A relentless customer driven organization that recognized the need to combine tech experts with experienced logistics professionals to solve real-world problems.
  • 1SHIFT is committed to our corporate social responsibility investment strategy by ensuring all funds invested result in a social impact return.
  • We are a group of individuals who have worked in enterprise and large-scale solutions.
  • Developing enterprise-ready solutions utilizing blockchain AI tech, logistics, payment solutions, biometric identity, and billing systems to make the markets more efficient.
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Ashik Karim
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Karim has over two decades of global technology leadership experience in the telecommunications and high tech sectors driving change on how enterprises use business technology. He has taken several software platforms through full commercial use with large clients such as TELUS, Wind Mobile, and MDA. In the second half of his career, Mr. Karim furthered his portfolio by focusing on start-ups that disrupt enterprise software & consulting companies with AI, blockchain and leading emerging technologies. With his balance of start-up and enterprise platform industry commercialization experience, Mr. Karim brings the right strategy and tactical focus to this business.

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Kent Churn

Chief Operating Officer
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Jason Lawrence

Chief Technology Officer
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David Kwok

Chief Financial Officer
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Mobeen Ladak

Product Executive
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Lyle Rebello

User Experience Lead
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Shoukri Kattan

Agile Delivery Lead
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Tapasya Maringanti

QA Lead
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Shanila Karim

Head of Customer Success
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Gary Sooch

Logisitcs Advisor - PLS Freight
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Tyson Smith

Logistics Advisor - Playbook Logistics
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Gurj Basi

Logistics Advisor - Playbook Logistics

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