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The Problem

North American supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and fragmented, and current business processes and systems are not able to keep up with this change.

The pain of manual processing, phone calls, endless paper trails, and true visibility into shipment status with proactive measures is leaving many supply chain participants starving for process and technology improvements to manage their bottom line and grow their business.

The 1SHIFT Solution

1SHIFT was created to solve the growing complexity in logistics, with the best pricing and value in the market.

1SHIFT delivers real-time data, ensuring all documents and audit trails are digitally tracked and protected, empowering you to manage your business with trusted data.

1SHIFT is a true end to end, agile SaaS enterprise platform with a pricing model that is directly linked to the performance of your business. Our promise at 1SHIFT is that you should not be incurring costs when your business is going through tough times.

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How We Can Help

  • Gain full visibility into pricing, real-time location of shipments, pro-active communications on potential delays.
  • Automate your entire documentation and payments process all in one single platform with 1SHIFT.
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  • Power your business with the 1SHIFT platform with reduced paperwork, streamlined operations and real time visibility.
  • Build trucker loyalty by making life on the road simpler with faster payments and targeted incentives with the 1SHIFT mobile wallet.
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  • Use 1SHIFT to win more business, gain full visibility in all your loads, and manage exceptions before they happen.
  • Eliminate disputes and manual tracking of delivery, build confidence and trust with partners.
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  • Make life simpler on the road with an easy to use, automated platform. Receive dispatch instructions and manage your journey all with 1SHIFT - no more faxes or scanning.
  • Use the 1SHIFT wallet to get paid, use reward points to buy, and send money home for free.
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