1SHIFT Platform

1SHIFT enables brokers, shippers, and carriers, to track shipments and settle payments in real-time, creating end-to-end market efficiency. Our platform gives insight to all users, allowing them to manage existing freight more efficiently and monitor reports to allow for quick dispute resolutions between parties.


Gain full visibility into pricing, real-time location of shipments, pro-active communications on potential delays.

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Power your business with the 1SHIFT platform with reduced paperwork, streamlined operations and real time visibility.

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Use 1SHIFT to win more business, gain full visibility in all your loads, and manage exceptions before they happen.

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Make life simpler on the road with an easy to use, automated platform.

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Industry Problems
Complex Supply Chains

North American supply chains are complex, and the trucking industry is fragmented.

Communication Breakdowns

Carriers, brokers, and shippers do not have a unified communications platform for tracking shipments, disputes, and errors.

No Unified Platform

No platform exists for all parties in the supply chain to connect digitally in real-time.

1SHIFT Solutions

Intuitively built to drive user adoption. Easy to use and integrates into any business process.


Manage complex relationships and freight. Intelligent and secure, leveraging the power of AI, biometrics, and blockchain.


Reduces manual overhead and errors. Seamless integration with legacy telemetry, compliance and purchasing systems.

1SHIFT Key Features

  • AI analysis of paperwork to remove manual overhead
  • Marketplace Tender loads faster and more efficiently
  • Intuitive integration with GPS and onboard Electronic Logging Devices to track truck location and driver hours
  • Capacity search to enable Brokers and Shippers to create new Carrier relationships
  • Carrier interface to bid for available freight & update status


  • Tender loads faster and more efficiently than traditional means
  • Advanced reporting and analytics makes more intelligent decisions
  • Predictive analytics helps shippers find the best carriers in any given lane
  • Market prices for loads
  • Critical data stored on the blockchain for increased security and immutability to maintain trust

1SHIFT Mobile Integration

  • The 1SHIFT application allows users to quickly view open tasks
  • Users can select from open shipments and review the drop schedule
  • If users want to make changes, they can optimize the route to each shipper and receiver
  • Integrated driver wallet for payment and rewards
  • Document upload using phone camera

Platform Technology

The 1SHIFT LOGISTICS platform offers an end-to-end logistics management solution which integrates blockchain, biometric, GPS tracking, and A.I. technology to create a one-stop-shop for supply chain management.

Customized Dashboard

Real-time visuals for tracking, payment, rates, KPIs, AR, AP, financial metrics, and budgeting.

AI-driven Analytics

On-board AI and cognitive learning improves decision making and mitigates preventable delays.

Transparent Bidding

Live market rates offer the best value for money.

Smart Documents System

Houses verified and shared critical compliance data.

Geolocation Tracking

Two-point driver validation system for live shipping status updates.

End-To-End Visibility

Tracking for multiple locations, spend, budget planning, and growth.

Biometric Fingerprints

High-level user authentication for quick logistics workflow and payment approval.

Compliance Rating System

Unbiased and immutable approach for selecting carriers, brokers or 3PL.

Blockchain Smart Contracts

Settlement and invoicing setup in smart contracts reducing the need for manual intervention.

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