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1SHIFT tracker

Freight visibility is a key

Freight visibility is a key need in the logistics industry, and 1SHIFT has taken a fresh look at this problem and addressed it in a comprehensive manner with its new Tracker update capability.

Real-time location of the truck on a map

When a selected individual (who is not a 1SHIFT user) receives a Tracker update email, that individual clicks a link in the email which provides a complete picture of the delivery, including real-time location of the truck on a map as well as the ETA.

While the primary objective is to allow 1SHIFT clients to provide real-time updates about the shipment to their respective customers, the 1SHIFT solution goes well beyond and provides advanced capabilities such as:

  • 1SHIFT users can also generate a Tracker update on-demand and include a note for their customers. The Tracker updates can be sent via email or SMS text messages.
  • Maintain customer privacy - with deliveries to customers that are each other’s competitors being common, 1SHFT provides complete control over which drop locations will be visible to each Tracker update recipient.
  • The Tracker update emails can be generated automatically based on user-selected events such as when the truck is en route to the selected drop location or when it’s running late.

1SHIFT Platform

1SHIFT enables brokers, shippers, and carriers, to track shipments and settle payments in real-time, creating end-to-end market efficiency. Our platform gives insight to all users, allowing them to manage existing freight more efficiently and monitor reports to allow for quick dispute resolutions between parties.

Know the status of your content at all times with smartphone, ELD, and satellite location tracking and onboard sensors to reduce cost from loss, damage, and spoilage.

Facilitated problem resolution - track any problem or dispute that arises by engaging the shipper and carrier via in-application chat.

Highlight loads that require special attention in one dashboard so shippers and carriers can work in real-time and keep on track.

Find new carriers with the 1SHIFT marketplace and rating system to select new carriers based on past performance, vetted by 1SHIFT including insurance and certifications.

Benefits of using 1SHIFT

As a 1SHIFT platform participant, you can enjoy a variety of benefits, such as:

tender loads amongst preferred list of carriers and compare bids with prevailing current market rates.

Audit Trail

rely on our blockchain technology to easily view a shipment log with immutable proof in case of disputes.


create automated audit log entries and alerts based on GPS location proximity to the destination.

Sensor Aggregator

collect sensor data to trigger alerts when outside an acceptable range and be insurance report ready.

Transparent Tracking

track real-time status of all your shipments including their GPS locations on filterable maps.

Exception management

take corrective action of real-time exceptions raised by drivers, dispatch, or 1SHIFT ETA predictions.

Unified view

use the 1SHIFT user-friendly interface to see a holistic view with drill-downs in each shipment.

Metrics Dashboard

obtain at-a-glance insights on how 1SHIFT is helping you achieve your logistics objectives.

If you are a Shipper, benefits are available:

Tracking Updates

send automatic event-based updates to customers via email or SMS showing shipment on map and ETA.

Digitized Document Workflow

make BOLs available to drivers and receive image uploads of PODs immediately after delivery.

Shipment Builder

group customer orders into shipments based on filling truck capacity and proximity of location drops.

Route Optimization

determine the most efficient truck route for sequencing pick and drop locations for short hauls.

If you are a 3PL or Carrier, these additional benefits are also available (coming soon):

For Drivers, our mobile app provides the following benefits:

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