Know the status of your content at all times with smartphone, ELD, and satellite location tracking and onboard sensors to reduce cost from loss, damage, and spoilage.

Reduce detention fees, resolve disputes and claims, have bulletproof data at your fingertips to solve anything.

See all shipments that require special attention in one view with realtime notifications to act fast to get back on track.

Send out shipments to your carriers in seconds either through your personal portal or directly from your ERP/TMS with ease.

Transparency & Visibility

  • Know where your shipment is at all times with granular plotting of GPS coordinates that are highly frequent and accurate
  • Avoid circular series of phone calls for status from shipper to carrier to driver and back
  • Focus on the loads in jeopardy of missing their scheduled appointment times through system generated ETAs or direct updates from the driver
  • Engage the shipper and carrier dispatch real-time through the 1SHIFT platform to resolve issues as they are identified to keep the driver on track
  • Understand the GPS location from the driver’s smartphone and/or ELD installed in the truck
  • Have confidence the timestamps and GPS locations for arrival and departures at each facility are captured real-time in our blockchain audit log which cannot be altered
  • Agree on any additional fees for disputes of late arrivals or detention periods within 1SHIFT as incidents arise with everyone referencing the same facts in the audit log

Smart Alerts

  • Use geofencing perimeters around each facility to detect arrivals and departures for automatic entries in the audit log
  • Prompt driver for updates as geofencing detects proximity to facility
  • Log events for each facility based on geofencing even if the driver forgets to provide updates for consistent tracking
  • Leverage GPS location of either the smartphone or ELD to trigger the geofencing events

1SHIFT Customer View Tracker

"One of a kind Visibility"

The majority of the industry have GPS enables systems. The reality is they are not good enough to address business problems. At 1SHIFT, we use all sensors, GPS, Google and Microsoft against our own algorithms to give you business events with bullet proof data. These business events can be hand selected and provided to your customer automatically. "Grab a coffee 1SHIFT Order 2548 with 10 skids of Naya Water is 30 minutes out from arriving"

Real-time location of the truck on a map

When a selected individual (who is not a 1SHIFT user) receives a Tracker update email, that individual clicks a link in the email which provides a complete picture of the delivery, including real-time location of the truck on a map as well as the ETA.

While the primary objective is to allow 1SHIFT clients to provide real-time updates about the shipment to their respective customers, the 1SHIFT solution goes well beyond and provides advanced capabilities such as:

  • 1SHIFT users can also generate a Tracker update on-demand and include a note for their customers. The Tracker updates can be sent via email or SMS text messages.
  • Maintain customer privacy - with deliveries to customers that are each other’s competitors being common, 1SHFT provides complete control over which drop locations will be visible to each Tracker update recipient.
  • The Tracker update emails can be generated automatically based on user-selected events such as when the truck is en route to the selected drop location or when it’s running late.

Making Life on the Road Simpler

  • Delight in the simplicity of the 1SHIFT mobile app and focus on driver usability
  • Be in complete control of privacy with the “On and Off Duty” switch which controls when smartphone GPS location is shared
  • Receive initial shipment details and any updates via smartphone in one clear and concise way
  • Upload PODs after drop to avoid waiting to scan documents or delay payment
  • Reduce status calls for loads on track and proactively address those running late
  • Reduce wait times by creating more focus on performance by tracking time at facilities
  • Trust arrival and departure times with GPS locations are store in audit log as evidence for disputes
  • Get paid faster with integrated pre-approvals and POD triggers to factoring companies for same and next day payments (coming soon)
  • Start accumulating loyalty points for every mile successfully tracked through 1SHIFT
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