Finally, a logistics solution that focuses on Freshness.

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Expand your processing capacity to bring more products to market faster.
Solidify your network with buyers and carriers to scale your business.
Monitor the freshness of your product in transit.
Streamline delivery from field to buyer to delight your customers and team members.

Fresh Logistics is our industry solution tailored to the seasonal nature of selling and delivering produce requiring quick time to market and sensitivity to ensure freshness while in transit.

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1SHIFT Shipment Builder can quickly make sense of daily customer orders and their cubing details to recommend how to fill trucks for capacity utilization and route distance. Experiment with manual adjustments and visually assess impact on truck capacity and planned routes.
1SHIFT Perfect Route will take the guesswork out of mapping the best sequence of stops on truck routes to save driver labour and fuel costs, or external freight rates. Drag and drop destination stops to manually adjust the recommended order and gauge the impact before a one-click dispatch.
We can easily assign a load to a driver in a private fleet, streamline recurring shipments with key carriers, or spot tender amongst a secondary list of preferred carriers when in a pinch. Feel confident to not overpay with SONAR relevant pricing insight of current market freight rates and fuel costs.
1SHIFT can tender more than just freight if finding more products to fill supply gaps is needed to meet contract commitments. After selecting the winning bid, it is one more click to dispatch and track the shipment either directly to the retail store or to offload at another location for repacking.
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Automate the paperwork and ensure everyone is working real-time from the same sources of information. Whether uploading images of paper delivery documents or going electronic with e-signatures, 1SHIFT will streamline operations and expedite back-office access for timely billing and accounting
1SHIFT will track the shipment location for each pick and drop and record all the key business events, such as arrival and departure times, in our blockchain to simplify disputes and insurance claims. Driver feedback and assessed ETAs will proactively flag exceptions for dispatch help to keep the driver on track or reschedule.
Increase customer satisfaction with greater engagement leveraging 1SHIFT Tracker Updates. Recipients will automatically receive an SMS or email with a link to a live map in advance of delivery by setting up highly configurable trackers using geofences and GPS location proximity.
1SHIFT will minimize damage to customer relationships that arise when contents do not arrive in the condition expected. Eliminate the finger-pointing by having before and after photos saved in our audit log and available for everyone to see including a downloadable PDF for submitting an insurance claim.
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Receive up to the minute visibility of status for all shipments, the driver assigned, and any exceptions that need to be resolved to keep customer commitments. For those on the road that prefer email updates, 1SHIFT can be configured to send summaries at defined times each day.
1SHIFT will not keep you chained to your desk in order to keep on top of operations and know what customers are thinking. Enrich business relationships with on-time deliveries and great customer service, all from the convenience of your mobile phone.
Sometimes everything does not go according to plan. 1SHIFT monitors status of all shipments and highlights the loads going off the rails and that deserves attention. Provide oversight for more business volume without scaling up labour by using 1SHIFT to flag where to focus management time.
1SHIFT helps manage by numbers in a logistics industry that struggles to gather clear data. Visually slice and dice operational and financial metrics to understand where you have problems to fix, who is not performing when overpaying for freight, and what all in trucking costs are to truly know product and customer profitability.


Be prepared with 1SHIFT to handle the rush in securing orders, planning delivery, and running shipments with superior customer service.

We can strengthen your relationships with customers and partners in your network to be nimble and flexible to respond quickly to market demand.

Streamline your operations interacting with buyers and carriers so that technology strengthens your relationships to scale together.


Relationships are important. Forming connections through 1SHIFT makes doing business together easier for transparent, predictable and on-time delivery.

1SHIFT can connect you with local and national retailers, wholesalers and other growers to deliver on existing contracts or quickly tender for supply gaps.

Optimize your private fleet, simplify recurring loads with preferred carriers, and spot tender amongst secondary carriers when you’re in a pinch.


Deploy sensors in your produce shipments to not only track their GPS location but also to collect real-time temperature and humidity measurements.

Set thresholds and notifications to instantly notify of warnings or critical conditions in real-time before your produce is spoiled.

If your produce arrives spoiled or with any comprised freshness, 1SHIFT can generate a report with the audit log and sensor history for insurance claims and disputes.


Outside workers can use our mobile app to see BOLs for what product to prepare and can adjust to the ETA of a delayed inbound truck.

Drivers get trip details and BOLs on their phones and upload PODs with electronic signatures to reduce paperwork and expedite your back office cutting invoices.

Use our shipment tracker with geofencing to send an SMS or email with a tracking link before arriving at each location so the retail store receiver or landscaper has time to be onsite and ready to unload.

Our blockchain audit log stores the time and location of key business events in real-time as evidence for disputes and insurance claims.

Fresh Logistics is our industry solution tailored to the seasonal nature of selling and delivering plants within short peak periods and the sensitivity to care for live products in transit.

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