Gain full visibility into pricing, real-time location of shipments, pro-active communications on potential delays.

The Problem

North American supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and fragmented, and current business processes and systems are not able to keep up with this change.

The pain of manual processing, phone calls, endless paper trails, and true visibility into shipment status with proactive measures is leaving many supply chain participants starving for process and technology improvements to manage their bottom line and grow their business.

The 1SHIFT Solution

1SHIFT delivers full visibility into pricing, real-time location of shipments, pro-active communications on potential delays. Automate your entire documentation and payments process all in one single platform with 1SHIFT.

Key Benefits

  • Find new carriers with the 1SHIFT marketplace and rating system to select new carriers based on past performance, vetted by 1SHIFT including insurance and certifications.
  • Reduce paperwork by sending and receiving shipment documentation via smartphone.
  • Know the status of your content at all times with smartphone, ELD and satellite location tracking and onboard sensors to reduce cost from loss, damage, and spoilage.
  • Highlight loads that require special attention in one dashboard so shippers and carriers can work in real time and keep on track.
  • Facilitated problem resolution - track any problem or dispute that arises by engaging the shipper and carrier via in-application chat.
  • Eliminate disputes and manual tracking of delivery, build confidence and trust with partners.

1SHIFT Platform Features

Push load details

send and receive shipment documentation via the platform (smartphone and web).

Track GPS

from the trucker's smartphone, and from the truck ELD or standalone GPS trackers on the trailer or contents.


with direct input from the driver, identify potential delivery misses. Flag only the shipments in jeopardy of missing commitments that require attention.


Engage shipper and carrier with in-application chat to resolve problems.

Record timestamp

and GPS coordinates of warehouse events in blockchain audit log to minimize disputes.

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