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Connected Waste Management

Sensors Monitoring, Alert & Communications for Waste Management - Agriculture & Grain Bins - Construction Disposal - Containers.

Works with

Rolloff Bins
Agriculture/Grain Bins
Frontload Bins
Donation Bins

The Platform

Our sensor platform consist of a core unit containing the battery and the brains, and an external sensor module, which is design- ed for ease of install and is based on our “Plug and Play” philosophy.

This mix of generic portable with specifically designed solutions is the perfect mix allowing for speed to install coupled with the right cost structure, of a generic IoT solution, also add- ing the ability to customize for tighter usability and result when needed.

Our cloud based platform lets you view the fill levels of your bin in realtime. It also has GPS tracking, so you know the location of your bin at any given time.

Our 1SHIFT ‘SENSE’ Device

Technical Specifications

Communication : 3G or CAT M1 LTE
Battery: 5 years
Sensors: accelerometer, ultrasonic, GPS
Size: CORE: 122mm(w), 140mm(h), 55mm(D)
Head: 95mm(w), 50mm(H), 23mm(D)
Core Head Interface: industrial cable

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