Make life simpler on the road with an easy to use, automated platform.

The Problem

Life on the road is hard. 1SHIFT is a simple, powerful and painless end-to-end logistics ecosystem solution that serves the needs of truckers.

The 1SHIFT Solution

Make life simpler on the road with an easy to use, automated platform. Receive dispatch instructions and manage your journey all with 1SHIFT - no more faxes or scanning.

Use the 1SHIFT wallet to get paid, use reward points to buy, and send money home for free.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce the need for phone status and paperwork including upload of final bill of lading.
  • Simple, automated tracking and support via smartphone, ELD and satellite location tracking and onboard sensors to make the trip as friction free as possible.
  • Build efficiency using one platform with streamlined operations, communication and alerts.
  • Calculate ETA's and identify potential delivery misses to keep on track or avoid warehouse surprises that can result in penalty fines or disputes that delays final trucker payment. Avoid waiting at border with customs clearance checks.
  • Reduce fines, disputes and detention by identifying delivery issues early and proactively taking corrective action to avoid surprises with bullet proof audit trail.
  • Make life on the road simpler with faster payments and targeted incentives with the 1SHIFT mobile wallet.

1SHIFT Platform Features

Push load details

send and receive shipment documentation via smartphone.


Access all pick/drop information in one place on your easy to use mobile app.

Upload photos

to document issues, engage shipper and carrier with in-application chat to resolve problems.


Request arrival window changes based on in-transit delays.

Contest penalty fines

with GPS proof in audit trail.

Recieve payments

faster and directly after delivery confirmation with a trucker mobile wallet.

Improve cashflow

for carrier reimbursable gas and maintenance expenses with second mobile wallet.

Pay bills

and send money home including foreign countries with low to no fees.


Benefit from tailored and geo-specific promotions, discounts and free rewards for purchases on the road at gas stations, restaurants and convenience stores.

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